Restaurant Services FAQs

What services does Grand Natural Inc provide to restaurants, casinos, hospitals, stadiums, and hotels?

Grand Natural Inc provides a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the needs of various commercial and industrial foodservice establishments. These services include:

  • 1.Used Cooking Oil Collection and Pickup: We offer a reliable and efficient system for collecting and disposing of used cooking oil.
  • 2.Grease Recycling: Our commitment to sustainability includes recycling collected grease for eco-friendly applications.
  • 3.Restaurant Hood Cleaning: We ensure a clean and safe kitchen environment by providing thorough hood cleaning services.
  • 4.Pest Control: Our pest management solutions help maintain a hygienic and pest-free establishment.
  • 5.Pressure Washing: Our pressure washing services help keep exterior surfaces clean and appealing.
  • 6.Grease Trap Services: We offer maintenance and cleaning of grease traps to prevent clogs and ensure smooth operations.

These services are available to restaurants, hotels, casinos, and a variety of other commercial and industrial foodservice businesses. Grand Natural Inc is your one-stop solution for maintaining a clean, safe, and environmentally responsible foodservice operation.

How to dispose of cooking oil from a deep fryer

In a nation with a deep affection for fast-food cuisine, particularly fries and fried chicken, a substantial volume of used cooking oil is produced by eateries, hotel kitchens, and various foodservice establishments. Managing this surplus cooking oil is essential, emphasizing both safety and efficiency, with the added benefit of potential reuse. The key is to securely store your used oil in designated grease storage tanks or bins, typically supplied by your chosen cooking oil service provider. This involves transferring the oil from the fryer to these tanks, where it remains stored until your service provider adheres to a predefined schedule for collection. This conscientious practice ensures that your used cooking oil is properly contained and ready for responsible disposal or potential recycling.

Used cooking oil disposal vs. Used cooking oil collection and recycling

Instead, restaurant managers should shift their perspective toward used cooking oil collection and recycling. This approach offers numerous advantages:

  • 1.Environmental Responsibility: Recycling used cooking oil is an eco-friendly choice that reduces the environmental impact of improper disposal.
  • 2.Cost Savings: Recycling can be cost-effective, as it can sometimes offset the expenses of waste disposal.
  • 3.Regulatory Compliance: Many areas have regulations governing the proper disposal of cooking oil, making recycling a compliant and responsible option.
  • 4.Revenue Generation: Some companies offer payment or incentives for used cooking oil, turning it into an additional source of revenue.
  • 5.Reduced Maintenance: Proper oil collection and recycling reduce the risk of clogged pipes and costly plumbing repairs.
  • Improved Hygiene: Keeping used oil separate from other waste minimizes odors and promotes a cleaner kitchen environment.

By embracing used cooking oil collection and recycling, restaurants can enjoy these benefits while also contributing to a more sustainable and efficient foodservice operation.

Can I put my used cooking oil down the kitchen drain?

Absolutely, it's essential to stress the importance of never pouring grease down the drain. Over time, grease solidifies and accumulates, forming a stubborn coating inside pipes, which can lead to blockages and backups. This not only necessitates expensive plumbing repairs but can also result in fines if a backup contaminates a city's water supply or spills onto streets, requiring municipal cleanup crews. It's a costly and environmentally hazardous practice that should always be avoided.

Why does used cooking oil have value?

Used cooking oil, when correctly processed, finds versatile applications in various consumer products. Processed used cooking oil can be repurposed as:

  • 1.Biofuel: It is a valuable source for biofuel production, contributing to sustainable energy solutions.
  • 2.Animal Feed Ingredients: Used cooking oil can be utilized as an ingredient in animal feed formulations, enhancing its nutritional content.
  • 3.Household and Commercial Products: It plays a pivotal role in the creation of a wide array of common household and commercial products, including paints, solvents, cleansers, lotions, plastics, tires, and more.

The demand for processed used cooking oil, often referred to as "yellow grease," is on the rise, and as a result, its inherent value continues to grow. This not only reduces waste but also adds to the sustainable, eco-friendly practices that benefit both industries and the environment.

How much will I get for my used cooking oil?

The value of yellow grease, or processed used cooking oil, can fluctuate based on various factors. Market values for yellow grease are monitored by sources like The Jacobson, Urner Barry, Informa, and others, which track the market values of different agricultural commodities like corn and soybeans. The value of yellow grease is primarily determined by demand, with a significant influence from the biofuel and animal feed sectors. Yellow grease is an economical alternative for corn in animal feed, and it is also used as a substitute feedstock for virgin oils in biofuel production.

When determining rebates for our customers, we employ a formulaic pricing approach that considers several factors, not just market value and volume. The quality of the oil is also taken into account, including:

  • Whether it has been kept free of contamination (e.g., trash, rainwater, food debris).
  • Whether it has been securely protected from theft, as the rebate can only be provided for what is collected.

Moving the grease collection process to indoor tanks has consistently proven to be the most effective method for customers to safeguard the value of their oil and maximize their potential for rebates.

Do thieves really steal restaurant grease?

Indeed, an interesting consequence of the increased demand for biofuel, largely driven by government mandates, is the corresponding rise in value for the feedstock used in biofuel production. Regrettably, this increased value has caught the attention of opportunistic thieves. Grease bins situated in the rear of restaurant parking lots are often perceived as easy targets. These thieves pilfer the used grease and then sell it to biofuel producers who might not inquire about its source, effectively robbing the restaurant of any potential rebates they might be entitled to.

It's important to note that such thefts are not only financial crimes but can also pose risks to both employees and customers. If you observe grease theft, it's crucial to take the following steps:

  • 1.Call the Local Police: Report the theft to the local police as a criminal act.
  • 2.Contact Us: Inform us about the incident so that we can take appropriate action.

If it's safe to do so, gathering additional information such as photographs or license plate numbers can be valuable for prosecuting the theft. However, personal safety should always be the top priority.

What do you charge to pick up my UCO?

The cost associated with the pickup of used cooking oil can vary depending on the service provider and prevailing market conditions for yellow grease (recycled cooking oil). However, at Grand Natural Inc, our general practice is not to charge for the pickup of used cooking oil. We aim to provide a hassle-free service to our customers.

There might be a few exceptional cases where certain circumstances, such as unusually high processing costs, challenges in accessing the storage tank, or other special considerations, may necessitate a nominal service fee. In such cases, we would engage in a discussion with the customer prior to formalizing any agreement to ensure clarity.

Additionally, we supply storage equipment to our customers and, when market conditions are favorable, we provide rebates to our customers for the used cooking oil we collect. The rebate amount is typically determined by factors such as the volume and quality of the oil. By keeping the oil secure from contamination and theft, customers can help preserve and maximize their rebate. Grand Natural Inc offers tailored solutions to help our customers extract the most value from their grease.

What if I need UCO pickup before my scheduled time?

As part of our commitment to delivering top-notch customer service, we take a proactive approach to schedule pickups that align with the volume of your store. Our aim is to ensure that we collect your grease BEFORE your tank or bin reaches full capacity. However, we understand that unforeseen surges in business can lead to increased volume.

In such cases, if you require an unscheduled pickup before your regular visit, we are here to accommodate your needs. Simply contact our Customer Service Center at 855-519-5550. We have a dedicated team available to answer your calls around the clock, every day of the year, ensuring that you can reach us whenever you need assistance. Your convenience and satisfaction are our priority.

Do you sell fresh virgin cooking oil?

No, we understand that our customers may often discover more competitive prices when sourcing virgin oil by exploring different suppliers. This approach allows them the flexibility to purchase at lower market rates instead of being bound by a fixed purchase contract. At Grand Natural Inc, our primary focus is on what we excel at, which includes providing:

  • Industry-Leading Used Oil Collection Tanks
  • Reliable Service
  • A Nationwide Infrastructure
  • Proficient Service Partners

Our primary goal is to ensure our customers' satisfaction and consistently meet their requirements when it comes to used cooking oil collection and related services. We strive to excel in our core areas of expertise and deliver the highest level of service to our valued customers.

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