Used Oil Storage Tanks FAQs

What type of equipment do I need in my store for handling used cooking oil?

To efficiently manage used cooking oil, you'll require a dedicated container for storage and a method to transfer the oil from your fryer to the storage container. These storage options can include outdoor bins or indoor tanks, and there are multiple methods available for transferring the used oil. A Grand Natural representative is available to help evaluate the type of fryers you are using, the volume of grease generated, and the frequency of pickup. Based on this information, we will recommend the most suitable system to meet the specific needs of your store.

What type of storage container do I need for my business?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both indoor and outdoor containment. Indoor tanks are more secure and the tank can be stored closer to the fryer. On the other hand indoor tanks have a smaller capacity and take up valuable floor space in your building. While outdoor containment has larger capacity options and keeps the messy part of the oil recycling process outside. The outdoor options even with locks are prone to theft and depending on where the bin is placed, can be smelly and messy which can be an eye sore to your customers.

Why are there so many options for used cooking oil Storage tanks?

Every location is unique, and some have space restrictions while others are using large amounts of oil every week. Grand Natural has an application that will work for almost any locations disposal needs.

I don’t have room in my store for an inside tank.

Inside Tank

What do I do if my tank has overflowed?

During the new account setup process, our team will assess your store’s volume to set up the pickup frequency and tank size, ensuring that a pickup will be completed before the container is full. While we do our best to make sure you are never overflowing, sometimes a spike in your business can create an unexpected increase in the volume of oil you are disposing of. Below are some helpful tips for if you ever find yourself in a situation where your bin has overflowed:

  • Until the tank has been emptied, do not continue to add oil to the tank.
  • Try using a container to collect as much of the oil off the ground as possible.
  • To prevent injury, make sure to block off the are to customers and employees.
  • Use a grease/oil spill absobant such as quick dry, oil dry or kitty litter to prevent spreading and flowing into any drains.

How can I have my cooking oil container replaced, repaired or exchanged?

Contact our customer service line (855) 519-5550. One of our customer service representatives will help you find a resolution.

What is the cost of the cooking oil storage container?

GNI does not charge for our used cooking oil storage containers except for in some areas and special occasions. Any charges for delivery and installation, will be disclosed during the set up process. The containment remains property of Grand Natural throughout the duration of the agreement allowing GNI to offer free service and the highest rebate.

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