Used Cooking Oil Collection And Recycling FAQs

Do I need any equipment to handle used cooking oil?

To effectively manage your used oil, it is essential to have a designated container for storage and a reliable method for transferring the oil from your fryer to the storage unit. Storage options encompass outdoor bins and indoor tanks, while several techniques are available for moving the used oil. If you reach out to a representative from Grand Natural Inc, they can arrange a visit to your site. During this visit, they will evaluate the fryers you use, the amount of grease you generate, and how often pickups are required. Based on this assessment, they will provide recommendations for the most suitable setup to meet your location's specific needs.

Do I need an indoor or outdoor bin for used oil storage containment?

Every establishment is unique, and there is more than one possible solution for every need. When it comes to managing used oil, many restaurant managers initially consider using outdoor bins placed within a designated trash area to keep them out of public view. However, outdoor bins come with several drawbacks:

  • They can diminish the curb appeal of your establishment, potentially affecting your customers' dining experience.
  • Employees are required to manually transport hot grease from the kitchen to the outdoor bin, posing a safety risk.
  • Outdoor bins are susceptible to theft, making it challenging to protect your waste grease.
  • Stolen or contaminated grease, be it due to theft, rainwater, or trash, can diminish the value of your grease and potentially lead to lower or zero rebates from your service provider.

These issues can be effectively resolved by transitioning to indoor oil storage. Some managers may initially believe they lack the space for indoor tanks, but this is rarely the case. While some providers offer limited storage tank options, others provide a range of choices. The advantages of indoor storage solutions include:

  • Safeguarding your used cooking oil from theft and contamination.
  • Reducing the risk of employee burns, slips, and falls, ultimately saving on workers' compensation claims.
  • Enhancing kitchen efficiency by eliminating the need to open the back door for oil disposal.
  • Maintaining a pleasant ambiance for your customers by avoiding a smelly bin near customer parking.
  • Preserving your rebate by safeguarding the value of your used cooking oil.

Why would we offer more than one type of used cooking oil storage tank?

A store utilizing substantial quantities of fryer grease must consider a larger capacity tank or more frequent service visits. In cases where kitchen space is limited and a compact solution is required, we provide tank options designed to accommodate various needs.

I don't have any room in my store for an inside tank. What are my options to keep it safe from growing legs and walking away or theft?

To get started, we recommend scheduling a site evaluation with one of our representatives to visit your store. Many of our customers who initially believed they lacked space for an indoor tank were pleasantly surprised to discover that they indeed had room, sometimes even gaining extra shelving space in the process. However, if the use of outdoor bins is necessary, there are effective measures to prevent grease theft:

  • Regularly monitor the grease levels in your tank to identify any fluctuations between service visits.
  • Consider installing a security camera to keep a watchful eye on your grease corral, and erect a fenced area with a lockable gate to conceal your tank from view.
  • Make sure to familiarize yourself with the official uniforms and vehicles of your designated grease service provider.

Taking these precautions will help safeguard your used cooking oil and ensure a smooth waste management process.

What if I poured too much oil and my indoor tank has overflowed?

When onboarding a new customer, a crucial aspect of our process is to assess their store's volume and establish a pickup schedule that ensures they are serviced before their tanks or bins become full. However, unexpected increases in business can disrupt this schedule. If you find that your indoor tank has overflowed, we are here to help. Please reach out to our Customer Service Center at 855-519-5550, and follow these immediate suggestions:

  • Do not add any more oil to the tank.
  • Utilize a container to collect any dripping oil until service is provided.
  • Block off the area to employee or customer access to prevent slipping and injury.
  • Apply an absorbent material, such as kitty litter, oil dry, or quick dry, to any spilled grease to contain and prevent its spread.

We are dedicated to addressing such situations promptly and effectively, ensuring safety and minimizing disruption to your operations. Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

What do I do if my used cooking oil bin needs repair or to be swapped out?

Contact us at 855-519-5550 to determine a resolution.

What does your used fryer oil storage equipment cost?

Typically, we do not impose charges on our customers for the utilization of our used cooking oil storage equipment. However, there might be isolated cases where a minor installation or delivery fee is necessary. In such instances, any fees would be communicated and agreed upon before finalizing a service contract. It's important to note that Grand Natural Inc retains ownership of the equipment throughout the duration of the agreement. This approach ensures that our customers receive their complete rebate, without any portion of it being allocated for equipment purchase.

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