Frequently asked questions

What does Grand Natural do?

Grand Natural provides excellent and on time restaurant facility maintenance service solutions such as used cooking oil collection, hood cleaning, grease interceptor cleaning, and drain line hydro jetting for businesses in the restaurant industry. Through our partner network, Grand natural provides services nationwide.

What is so great about our Ecosystem?

Our industry specific EcoSystem has both a mobile and desktop application that will allow our customers to submit service requests and schedule services with the click of a button.

What services does Grand Natural Inc offer?

How much does hood cleaning cost?

After an inspection or emailed photos, a quote may be provided.

How much does grease trap cost?

Costs are based on trap size, location, and frequency.

Do we pay for oil?

Although we do not pay for used cooking oil, Grand Natural may provide a discount for other services.

Do we collect motor oil?

We do not collect motor oil.

Do we do residential pickups?

Although we do not provide residential pickups, Grand Natural can refer you to one of our locally serviced restaurants in the area.

How soon can we service UCO?

When setting up a new account, there is normally a 5–7 day turnaround. In some less populated areas, our partners may require 10-14 days. Grand Natural does provide emergency pickup if needed.

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